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Nomination will be assessed against the following criteria.
• Criterion 1: History of Service
• Criterion 2: Significant contribution and positive influence to the creative industry
• Criterion 3: Leadership
History of Service *

The nominee’s history of service to the creative industry - in particular, positions of leadership the nominee has held such as on boards or as chair of committees. Any other known history, such as participation on committees and workgroups, and any examples of the nominee representing creative industry officially as a liaison to other organisations or at state or national meetings.
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Significant Contribution and Positive Influence to the Creative Industry *

The nominee’s significant contribution(s) to the advancement of creative industry, including programmes, awards or recognition from professional or industry groups and institutions. How will the nominee’s story inspire others to higher standards in their work or to raise the communities’ perception of the creative industry?
Leadership *

The nominee’s leadership in the creative industry including, but not limited to, practice on a state, national or international level. This may include mentoring or committee participation. How has he/she made a difference in some ways?

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